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Haters Gonna Hate? Try Being Equal to Dog Crap

Opinions are great. They allow people to share their thoughts on something, and contribute to a conversation that otherwise may have passed them by. Opposing opinions are even better, as they stop us from becoming too ego-centric and full of our own bunkum. Opposing opinions can make us re-evaluate our viewpoints with fact and make […]

If We Lose the Right to Opinion, We Lose More Than Just Page Views

Back in 2009, I published a post about online watch sales company Melrose Jeweler’s. The post dissected a press release Melrose had put out, suggesting how the actor Owen Wilson had been saved from suicide by seeing his wonderful Rolex watch, and realizing life was worth living. Ridiculous, right? Not to Melrose, who positioned themselves […]

Sometimes We Need to Say Screw You to Content Rules

Remember the good old days of blogging? Come up with something to say, write it down, hit Publish, and onto the next piece whenever that came to mind. Now we have to worry about content authority, author rank, Hummingbird, content overkill, content optimization, etc, etc. It seems we spend so much time worrying on the […]

This Is Not a Dress Rehearsal, This Is Your Life

Have you ever been blindsided by a memory? Many years ago on this date, I married for the second time. It was a period of peer pressure to “settle down” and “get my life together.” I did not want to die alone, and having a spouse seemed to be the thing to do at the […]