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November 2015

Old and Cold – Some Advice to Parents and Grandparents

I believe some of you out there that are parents and grandparents will appreciate this story and also a way out of things at the right time. So I’m old and cold at 61 years of age. But then again, so is Patti my wife at the young age of […]

It’s a Beautiful Day to Wake Up

Waking up. Do you take this part of life for granted? Come on, be honest now. I know a bunch of friends that do and we have been talking about it lately. Why do you think you do that? Is it a right? Is it just the way life is supposed […]

Why Do You Have So Many Pets?

It’s a question I’m asked more often than you might think. “Why can’t you be happy with just one pet? Why do you need a whole houseful?” “Isn’t it expensive? What about the vet bills?” My answers are pretty simple. You see, my husband and I opted out of having […]

When You’re Asked If You’ve Ever Seriously Considered Suicide

The other day, while speaking with a healthcare nurse for my new insurance, I was asked a question that totally floored me. “Have I ever seriously considered suicide?” Before I get into the politically correct answer I should have stated, let me share a few of the actual answers I gave. 1. […]