Top Blogs About Education to Follow

There are blogs on the web that dedicate their time and resources to provide rich learning content in diverse fields. These blogs can be of benefit to anyone who has a keen interest in learning, but they could prove more useful to teachers and students who are pursuing their studies.

Nowadays, education blogs are streamlining the interaction among students, educators and the entire learning community. Education blogs are increasing steadily by the day, and they are gaining wide adoption among students who want to achieve their full academic potential as well as teachers who want to interact with their students online.

Education blogs allow collaboration among the student community, and this enhances academic engagement and spurs creative thinking in students and general readers.


Mindshift is an education blog based in San Francisco that weaves technology with other fields of learning. Mindshift harnesses the power of data and research to come up with rich educational material for its readers. Mindshift covers topics in the cultural scene and provides information on new trends in technology.

Mindshift covers the way technology affects learning, inequities, social and emotional learning, and poverty. Frequent visitors to this blog include policymakers, educators, long life learners and parents, who continuously engage in productive conversations about education and learning.

Mindshift covers essential subjects about education and has several sections from which users can visit to access content.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

This is an education blog that provides teachers and educators with relevant educational information on web tools and mobile apps. The blog offers its users with various tutorials, guides, and tips on how to conduct proper research and improve skills in distinct education fields.

This blog has content for students and teachers, and kids can also benefit from the vast amount of tips and tutorials. This blog focuses on how to leverage technology to accelerate the learning process and provides concise guides on how technology can be of help in the learning environment. It also offers insightful, educational presentations on how to use educational technology tools in the classroom, and how students can use these tools in other settings other than the school.

Inside Higher Ed

This is an education blog that provides news, jobs, and opinions concerning higher education. The main focus of the website is on individuals pursuing higher education, but that does not limit the blog to other users.

Inside Higher Ed has various sections that provide information on diversity, career advice, and technology to students in higher learning as well as other concerned readers. The career advice section helps graduate students with tips and guides on how to choose careers and how to best chart their professional paths.

Relevant educational news on the blog will help you to get up to speed with happenings in the education field.

This blog also conducts studies on various topics of academic and public interest and publishes the findings. There are special reports and data on the site that you can explore if you are interested in keeping up with trends with workings in distinct educational fields.


TeachThought is an education blog that supports educators in going through innovations in the teaching and learning fields for a 21st Century audience. TeachThought avails several resources which revolve around learning models, technology, mobile applications, curriculums, designs of school models and learning tools.

The TeachThought education blog has a focus on technology, and it has sections that provide information on best practices regarding the use of technology in learning environments.

TeachThought recommends insightful content and hashtags on social media platforms to its users and provides valuable insights on research about thinking habits and their impact on learning among students. It is an education blog worth following if you have a keen interest in the intersection of learning processes and technology.


Edutopia is an education blog that is part of The George Lucas Educational Foundation. It covers a variety of topics which include technology integration in the classroom, literacy, design thinking social and emotional learning, student wellness and mental health. It also provides information to teachers on best practices in classroom management and school leadership.

The focus of the blog is on k-12 educators and students, and it emphasises the need for collaboration between researchers, curriculum experts, and teachers as well to advance the field of project-based learning.

Teacher Network Blog

This blog provides the latest news, comments, and analysis of teachers from the Guardian, a British Based daily newspaper. This blog concentrates on content for teachers, and its contributors are mostly teachers. It provides a Teacher network where teachers can interact, share ideas and collaborate. It also highlights teaching careers and has a job-hunting section where teachers can search for jobs.

It has an extensive network of students, teachers and higher learners where students can collaborate and share ideas with their teachers and other students as well.

On a final note, there are education blogs that provide rich content about active learning and best practices with regards to the intersection between technology and classwork. These blogs will help you as a student to achieve your full potential and get maximum benefit from the entire student and teacher network.

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