My goals as a college student

Before I joined college, my huge anticipation was the most memorable part of the whole waiting experience. Needless to say, I looked forward to it with inexplicable expectations and curiosity. Well, who doesn’t look forward to new experiences especially the ones involving education? Thus, as an official member of the scholarly fraternity, I feel like my progress and experiences here are overwhelmingly positive as well as informative.

 The desire to gain professional and intellectual skills has always been at the epicenter of my personal goals as a college student. This desire has been well met by my current college since I have been able to learn some of the few professional skills such writing academic papers. Academic papers come in different styles and formats such as APA and Harvard, and it’s important for a student to grasp them to the latter. However, plagiarism, in academic writing, struck me as the deadly virus which can kill originality in academic writing and other fields of life. As a result, I have vowed to be original in my papers and to display honesty; I have also endeavored to cite all my quotes and sources in a professional and academic manner.

The relationship between academic writing and work can be seen entirely within the job industry. Not only in my area of specialty, but with other sectors also. I came to understand that what people write as reports in their employment are taught in colleges. In fact, colleges pay more attention in noticing petty mistakes more than many organizations do. All the same, both areas advocate for quality as well as utter professionalism when one writes on a subject which could be an application letter, a report, or any other piece of a professional document.

Finally, and more importantly, I learned about critically thinking. As an intriguing way in which one keeps an open mind and finds different ways of looking into an idea, the skill goes hand in hand with my views of life. This is one skill which I would love to develop further to greater heights. Turnitin was also explained as an online system which is used to detect plagiarism however I feel like one doesn’t need the services of Turnitin if they develop a culture based on honesty.

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