Tulane University

When I think of Tulane University, the aspects that impress me and fan my desires to be part of this prestigious learning institution are its excellent educational resources, first-rate in health related courses, fantastic lectures, and its awesome location. In addition to having most of the recognized and lauded learning facility, Tulane is committed to maintaining diverse student population and teaching staff.

 Most alumni of this university have been informing me that Tulane offers a life-changing opportunity for everyone who considers it for his or her desired courses. They have also been informing me that this university will not only take my education to the next level but will also give me an opportunity to experience the collaborative atmosphere, social life and a diverse culture which will make me learn a lot of things before I graduate.

I would like to attend Tulane University for many reasons. Most important, I have a great interest in health-related fields, and I believe being a first rate in offering these courses will give me an opportunity to attain the best grades. Another quality that made me choose this institution is that it has high rank and great reputation which I believe shall enable me to succeed in the competitive job market.

After conducting an analysis concerning this institution, I realized it has a curriculum that requires its students to provide services to the New Orleans community. I feel this factor shall enable me to continue serving the community as I have always been doing throughout my life.

Apart from making me realize my academic dreams, Tulane will also make me a person of good moral values. This is because apart from offering first rank training in various disciplines, the institution also instills in its students essential moral values that assist them throughout their life.

In addition to my being focused on academics, I also have strong interest in various extra-curricular activities. I like spending some of my time in playing different types of games which I believe are essential for my physical fitness. The fact that this university has a high-class stadium will give me an opportunity to continue sporting.

The stimulating learning environment associated with Tulane is also part of the major factors which are attracting me to be part of this learning institution. The University is located in New Orleans which is among the cities with a unique environment in the United States.

Tulane is also an excellent, academically competitive institution with a unique and diverse student body. I strive to work with the diverse group of both students and the teaching staff that this university wholeheartedly accommodates. Generally, I believe this institution has all that I need to make my desires in biological sciences come true.

Tulane is a great university with an amazing faculty that can perfectly prepare me for the real world. I have no regrets for deciding to pursue my course in this school. Given a chance, I shall remain disciplined and utilize the chance as an opportunity of taking my academic qualifications to the next level. I shall be honored to join your esteemed organization if granted the chance.

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