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Asian Americans on Social Media


Also referred to as a cyber star, an internet celebrity is someone who has gained fame through media platform, by primarily engaging web navigations. By addressing diverse internet communities, online networking allows people to reach a wide audience from across the world. On the other side, social media entails technological innovations which are computer-mediated, by sharing career interests, information, and ideas as well as other pertinent data with virtual communities. Desk-tops, smartphones, laptops, tablets and such electronic devices are essential in social media platforms. Individuals and groups of people share, discuss, and co-create information made before posting on the internet. The social media communication introduces diverse and distinctively variant information among involved parties like the organizations, independent entities like businesses and individuals. Indeed, social media has become a new arena in which new and innovative knowledge is shared globally. Research by Marwick shows that in the US alone, over 84 percent of the American teenagers have Facebook accounts, and at least 64 percent of the population is in every one of the social media variants like Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp, spending at least three hours online on average.

There are many differences that distinguish between the new and the old social media. Because the old social media was analog in most of its functions, the production and distribution of content used to be more expensive. The examples include radio, television set, books, and newspapers. On the contrary, modern social media is less costly because of the many digital functions embraced, hence the relatively lower costs of production and distribution. Consequently, parties involved can produce the content to be posted anywhere, anytime, and at an affordable expenditure. In the twenty-first century, Instagram has led to the emergence of new types of celebrities, through the process termed intra-frame, which alludes to the fame one gets immediately they upload an audience capturing a photo on the platform of Instagram (Marwick 76). With approximately 151 million people on Instagram, figures that allow followers in hundreds of thousands and beyond irresistibly gain instafame. Therefore, it is not only critical to analyze the Asian Americans on social media but also their distinctive representation in the American history from then to date.

Race and Ethnicity

Asian Americans in the American Society Among the American ethnicities that are highly educated, fast growing in population, and highest income earners are the Asian Americans. Even though the general public does not reflect the desire in the diverse Asian culture, the Asians themselves are more satisfied with their lifestyle. The success in career, adherence to parenthood, and the devotion toward marriage as well as the wellbeing of the cultural structures of the Asians are primary questions, unlike the white Americans who do not put much interest in the subjects.

The history of the Asian Americans in the US is a rich fountain of social, cultural, and political diversity. The Chine’s are ardent followers of the academic structures of their children. Even though there is an established American educational format, typical of the whole nation, the Chine’s and the Japanese embrace a distinctive ray of spectrum in the curriculum of their educational systems. Nevertheless, it is critical to note that about one century ago, the Chine’s schools discriminated against the Japanese in the school boards which have central roles in the academic setups of the then periods.

Along the trajectory of the American history, especially during special occasions like during the war, recession, and changing demographics, the Asian American academic calendar has always shown distinctive inequities of exclusiveness in their practices and policies. Nevertheless, at a keen scrutiny, despite the differences in the many multinational Asian American nationalists, their role in the society, what they stand for in their respective communities, and academic matters has always been grouped on a common platform. Consequently, the grouping and categorizing of the Asian Americans into unique and characteristic classifications makes it logical to link their ancient history to date, as a people of a common root of descent.

Asians have played critical and indispensable roles in the making of the great nation, America. Since the developments made on the major infrastructural calendar of the US in the 1850s, the Asians who came to the US to solicit labor have remained pivotal in projecting the steady progress of the nation. In the 1870s, Chines immigrants represented approximately 25 percent of the population of the workers on the road construction projects, railway building, farm work, and in the mining industries. Even though the Asian Americans constituted of barely 0,002 percent of the whole American population, they stood outside of the crowd conspicuous as was characterized by their hard working culture to deliver developmental goals in their respective places of work. Indeed, the industrious habits of the Asian people attracted landmark demonstrations from the American citizens in the 1876 economic depression, as the natives in the west coast chanted slogans like; the Asians are taking away our jobs everywhere in the country. The Congress passed laws to deny Chines immigration into the US in 1882 for the following 60 years, a measure that saw only ten Chines immigrate to the US the next year, a huge drop from 39,500 in the previous year. Nevertheless, in the twenty-first century, the Asian Americans have become an indispensable segment of the American culture, playing roles in socio-political, cultural, and technological platforms, and their influence on social media in the current decade is irresistible.

Asian American YouTube Performance

The Asians` might on social media, particularly YouTube, rose to the occasion in 2011. The period was characterized by a video from one Alexandra Wallace, who uploaded a video on YouTube mocking the Asian citizens on their unique accent. The center of the video was founded on their alleged unmannerly character of speaking on the phone without much care for the disturbance they often caused while in the library, to other users of the standard facility in learning institutions. Nevertheless, Wong, an Asian, countered the move by Wallace when he too uploaded an audience grabbing message to Wallace, which was in both a rebuttal and confronting format. The song Ching Chong! Asians in the Library Song went viral on social media and attracted the attention of millions across the global platform.

Reducing Stereotypes; Greater Exposure to Asian-Americans

About the American mainstream media, the Asian Americans remain marginalized, misrepresented and as well portrayed as underrepresented. Stereotyping is one element that has worked negatively for a long time against the Asian communities in the US. For instance, in most movies and videos released, the Asians are referred to as; the exotic geisha, perpetual foreigners, and yellow peril meaning, sexual tools, unaccepted immigrants, and dangerous offenders respectively. The social media outlets discourage the use of stereotype to segregate Americans as founded on color and ethnicity, however, the continued use of the term has proved inseparable from the human nature. Even though the Whites are mirrored as the dominant race, the people of color find extreme unease in the joke.

Asian Americans Place in the Society before and Now

Scholarly content proves that the term Asian Americans was assimilated into the American mainstream in the 1960s. The phrase was coined to technically strategize the political stature of the Chines and Japanese Americans, who would later be joined by the Koreans, Hmong, and the Vietnamese to form a formidable class (Arika 10). Unlike in the mid-twentieth century, the Asian Americans in the twenty-first century have established socio-political platforms in the American setups. Asians in the US are currently more educated, politically sound, and culturally diverse. The Asian population in America was about 12.5 million as of 2001. However, the figure is anticipated to double by 2020, hence the conspicuous significance of the Asian Americans in the contemporary America.

Eliminating Stereotypes

Appreciating diversity as the party of humanity is a fundamental step in abandoning stereotypes. Clichés that are founded by ethicality should be avoided, and the reference to people based on their respective ethical backgrounds discouraged. Furthermore, recognizing the morphological framework changes with time is imperative. The terms like Negro or black were offensive in the American history decades back. Nevertheless, names like Black have become standard and acceptable vocabularies in the US. Theretofore, there are many ways of eliminating stereotypes.

Social Media Platforms

How to Gain Fame through Platforms

Facebook is one of the most cherished social platforms in social media by users across the world. For one to obtain fame on Facebook, they need to begin their independent page, attractive enough to grab the attention of a broad audience and keep commenting on similar pages voluminously. On the contrary, fame on YouTube begins when one can access a capable camera to tape videos. The trick is by viewing videos already posted by other YouTubers and uploading similar content to attract more viewers, hence fame. Ideally, gaining popularity on Twitter requires the interested party to follow people who command influence on the platform and keep commenting for not less than twelve months. Unfollowing the prominent figures occasionally and refollowing them to establish later ones might easily make an outstanding individual be followed by others too. Becoming famous on Tumblr requires one to make lots of unique content, and by viewing online tutorials, one can gain detailed insight to make an experienced entity. A blogger can get famous by making a profile of themselves as a cartoon, and post current content amidst some gossip, attractive information, and up to date could be a potential asset.

Asian Pride

The term Asian Pride is more typical to the west than it is to the continental Asia, following the political alignments of Asians that get the American attention. The American pan-Asian communities formulated the term in the twentieth century, as was propagated by the cloud of hip-hop music, and the western United States became synonymous to the Asian Pride, which advocated for the Asian unity.

Alternative Platform for Asian-Americans to see Themselves Represented

The Asian Americans are a diverse community, with over 40 ethnic groups. They have a leading edge against their Native American counterparts per household, regarding expenditure, social media influence, technological sophistications, parenthood, marriages, and institutional structures. Their recent surge in Hollywood had given a new dimension of their representations in other platforms. Furthermore, their political significance has taken a different dimension, after their increased influence in the American national polls.

Reputation Management

The Asian Americans have a significant influence on the global social media platform. They engage the internet arena by posting information on all genres of accounts, the Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Vine, and Instagram among others. Such an extensive prevalence maintains an influential and thorough online presence on the online virtual communities. Platforms like Twitter are more imperative and meaningful when trends are created, beautiful and attractive enough to command a massive attention and hence following. The Asian Americans are creative minds, whose posts are held in high esteem and attract a large following within and outside of the American audience. Indeed, as it happens more often than not, the Asian Americas are not always the sole creators of trending topics online. Nevertheless, once they learn of a trending subject, they quickly follow and in large numbers to attracting the attention of the audience and eventually centralize the content to the Asian tenets. Furthermore, the Asian Americans interact with their audience on a common platform, hence attracting grass root support. They do so by making video requests and remaining humble, open-minded, and friendly enough to create a real concern.

The Asian Americans on social media value embracing friendship and cordial relationships with other figures of influence who trend online. For instance, the Wong Fu Productions are close and meaningful friends to Anna Akana on the platform of YouTube. Such interactions are of goodwill at the core of the intentions, hence creating a healthy environment for new ideas, insight, and information that could lead to the next big inventions on social media. The relationships and coalitions in most cases end up in collaborations and the eventual release of influential videos.

The Asian Americans heartily embody their culture, and their communication on social media is often formal, unlike other cultures in the American baseline. Nevertheless, with statistics revealing that at least one in every two persons of the Asian American descent engage social media on totality as a primary form of communication in every single day, it a confirmation that the Asian communication on social media will turn informal. Approximately 45 percent of the Asian population in the US confirmed that Facebook is the only platform that they communicate on, citing concerning information to their friends, the content that they could not share directly in each other`s physical presence. The perception that 46 percent of the Asian Americans on social media are below 50 years of age gives them a guaranteed to share the content they do online, targeting a devoted audience for responses and reactions as deemed so.

Messenger is a critical application on Facebook that enables the link between the Asian Americans and those abroad in their native homeland. Therefore, Asian Americans born outside of the US find it easy to communicate with their relatives, siblings, and friends back in America. Indeed, statistics show that 82 percent of the Asian online population embraces the messenger application for the similar purpose, as a cardinal course. Furthermore, the Asian Americans have resorted to creating group platforms that help share common information among peers. In fact, one in every five Americans of Asian descent belong to and communicate effectively daily in a Facebook group.

Individual Cases

Also called nigahiga, and famously so especially on YouTube, Ryan Higa was born in the year 1990 June 6. He is a revered actor, an Asian American citizen, whose prowess as a youtuber is unmatched among his peers of this time. He is synonymous of posting videos on YouTube with a central message of comedy. The genre has since then attracted a broad audience unceasingly, with an estimated global figure of approximately 3.1 billion time watching occasions. It has been revealed that Ryan Higa had a whopping 19 million subscribers on YouTube on his nigahiga account, making him the thirteenth most influential figure on YouTube. While attending high school classes, Waiakea, both Ryan, and his friend used to post the otherwise naïve and simple videos on YouTube back in 2006. Nevertheless, as time went by, he began uploading songs of great attraction, venturing into another likable genre later on, hence his eventual establishment as a YouTube icon.

The Asian American content has been going viral on the social media in the recent past. Primary posted data and content has been done by Asian icons like Ryan Higa and Kevin Wu consistently. The paradoxical yet attractive information has held the attention of millions of followers not only in America but from across the world as well. The journalists have been noted the time and again referring to the posts on YouTube by one Ryan Higa as a show of might and exposure of the new Asian American hidden insight of the unmatched stars on the YouTube platform. The great shows in Hollywood, the unthinkable overrepresentation on billboards, and the social media trending are the surprisingly thrilling moments that have climaxed the occasions and characterized with amazement the Asian American prowess. Indeed, a majority of followers the world over have chosen to subscribe to the Asian likes of Wong Fu Productions, causing a pulsating accentuated feeling in the consequential mass following by other segments of the affiliated audience.

The otherwise unseen stars in YouTube and the underestimated American Asian talent has surfaced in the global awakening of social media. The otherwise ignored and an unseen market on social media has become a common place and a talk of the town trending on social platforms. It is critical to note that once somebody trends on one form of social media like in YouTube for the case of Ryan Higa for instance, their influence and their probability on other platforms like Twitter does not require much effort to attract a following in millions.

The youths make a majority of the social media population, and have since then formed virtual communities that surge to a single topic at one moment and suddenly large astray against any other of the contrary opinion. With the slogan, I kind of feeling Asian American has become commonplace for the reference. Furthermore, the social media effect has become a primary form of employment for tens of thousands of Asian Americans in the recent past. By navigating on the internet on the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Even though the trends on Twitter have shown large support and massive following, it does not lead to the generation of money as such. However, it is imperative to note that advanced influence and admirable command of following on Twitter ups the attention on other platforms.

Third Sector videos/Sponsored videos -Jenn Im

The sponsored videos make up a primary function of social media. When such caliber of social media videos is made, they are better when neither presented as commercials nor profitable. The stuff should be as genuine as they should be authentic to remain substantial and uncompromised. Furthermore, choosing a competent sponsor, with unwavering credibility and tested integrity is critical. Indeed, the audience of any producer embraces the tenets propagated and followed by the producer (Almaraz et al. 328). Therefore, the basis should be that the central figure of the videos is at peace with the sponsor, before engaging the audience on the platform for a meaningful eventuality.

Indeed, the experts who have proved consistently best at it confirm that putting any video on the YouTube platform as a sponsored content is never all that easy. Furthermore, genuinely fans on YouTube should have to facets to make the whole process fruitful and meaningful. On the one hand, the audience must find thrill in the video, and enjoy the content satisfactorily. On the other hand, the target audience should be excited much enough to share the information with other friends of their own on the platform, so the influence of the video could be spread far and wide. Therefore, sponsored content is very sophisticated, and it needs an informed mind, teamwork, and targeted decision making for a better outcome.

Jinn Im is an American of the Korean descent, whose influence in social media is substantially overwhelming. She has had exceptionally outstanding performance in the segments of fashion and beauty, hitting the global stage and sending competitive challenges to her peers in the industry. ClothesEncounters is a channel established by Jinn Im on the YouTube medium of the particular media platform. With over 151 million viewers on YouTube, her platform has gained many subscribers totaling to 17 million. Her outstanding performances have gained much support, and every new data posted only accentuates the liking (Balance 149).

As an influential blogger, the YouTube icon, Im, offers guidance and counseling in her tutorials, as well as outstanding musings thereof. Im did not begin on a high note, just like many YouTube movers are. At the age of fifteen years, she started at Baskin Robbins in the industry. Nevertheless, moments after then, she resorted to doing full time on her YouTube chore, as a hobby and leisure activity. However, as her audience would later learn, the events on YouTube became pertinent to her, and hence she made a career out of the same. She has had significant exposure with Trivia. For instance, in 2012, she had an opportunity under the courtesy of UC Davis, where she flew to New York and did exploit in communication. Im was born in Los Angeles in the US, and she began dating in 2014, her finance was a Guns drummer, by the name Ben Jolliffe.

Im`s channel on YouTube, Clothesencounters, gained much influence way back in 2010, with the help of her friend and colleague Sarah Chu. The channel targeted a broad global audience by basing on fashion and style. The designs were capitalized on ease and daily wear, cutting across the majority of the population. The channel was independently left for Im when her colleague left for studies in California. It was then that she began posting videos and educative content which were founded on lifestyle. Im utilized her intuitive insight to attract many more subscribers while pursuing her education, and her friendly, as well as her involving nature, was a plus to the industry. She later graduated with a bachelor in communication studies at UC Davis, with a solid list of 300 thousand subscribers.

Successful Instagram Account (Lily May Mac)

Lily Mac is an Australian celebrity on social media, with a massive following of 1.5 million people on Twitter. Although she alleges half of her descent to Filipino, she is more of an Australian, and she resides in Sydney. The 21-year-old is a seasoned model of her time. Lily created a successful Instagram account because she had a creative strategy toward her final agenda. She knew what her audience needed. She gave them all they could not see anywhere else, not even on Facebook. Not even on her other posts on Twitter. She exposed her surrounding community and all that she liked to her audience. She showed everybody who came by her content that she had a unique element and that her pride was the joy of her followers. Sharing her pertinent information made her account stand out of the millions on Twitter. Hence the success witnessed.

Experts indicate that paying attention to one's followers on social media is essential for the success of the account. Personal picture or content should be avoided unless last personal message and the audience’s message are reflected therein. Realizing the people following one's account and following them back is important. It makes them challenged to give the much-needed attention back, uncoerced, and always. Engaging specifically tailored applications like InstaReport makes the whole process easier and efficient.

Fashion Blog (Song of Style)

The fashion blog song of style is a popular social media worked and performed by one Aimee Song. Aimee broke the norms of Instagram, whereby people embrace posting gorgeous photos, worth her culture of uploading relevant, real lifestyle, and attention catching photos. This gave her a unique brand that attracted millions. She is aware of the much-needed insight on how to do photo shooting when it comes to Instagram, with a massive 3 million fans on her account. Instagram is the latest social media platform, with fans across the world counting every other time. Her growing audience has been as a result of her diverse uploads, including decor, food stuff, lifestyle, and fashion photos. Aimee captures ordinary occasions into notable moments, worth an instagold. She knows her limits, and the desires of her fans, an element that gives her cutting edge indispensability. Therefore, her brand on social media remains established and gaining more ground among her fans.

Discussion and Conclusion

How to Make a Living

Making a loving is perhaps the most fundamental question facing young people in the twenty-first century in the world. Even after accessing quality education, experience, and related suitable capabilities for the careers trained in, the job market remains unrewarding to most people. Therefore, making a living does not only need an education but also the possession of great insight to maneuver across different and sophisticated avenues of delivering one's expectations in life. Social media has confirmed the way to go for many people. Social accounts on Facebook and Instagram for instance. The commitment and the implementation of technical skills, suitable enough to capture a large audience is highly rewarding, and this could help one make a living, just like the Asian American stars discussed above.

How to become Successful

Becoming successful is a notion created by the word success itself, which make people omit the processes needed to be covered to make it real, as success is more or less of a journey that a destination. Having a fresh mind with positive goals is critical for the beginning of a successfully oriented mindset. Everybody was created for a purpose, consequently, realizing one's goal is important, for its acts as the cardinal point to give direction for the person pursuing success to follow. Finally, setting the times, redefining success and working toward the result while expecting to win the challenges that follow is imperative.


In enceinte times, the influence was characterized by might and military command. Nevertheless, the modern civilized societies have taken a different dimension in defining power. People who invent new ideas that make the life of humanity better, and solve the challenges threatening human existence possible are the current influential minds around. Indeed, one good example is social media. The discovery of new and many applications that are computer based has made communication real and fast, linking the world all across like a small region. This influence of technology has been a significant achievement in the human history.

Asian Pride

The term Asian Pride is more typical to the west than it is to the continental Asia, following the political alignments of Asians that get the American attention. The American pan-Asian communities formulated the term in the twentieth century, as was propagated by the cloud of hip-hop music, and the western United States became synonymous to the Asian Pride, which advocated for the Asian unity.

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