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Losing Followers on Social Media? Try These Tips to Stop the Leak!


The twenty-first century has marked the rise of social media content creation, sharing and networking. As such it has become paramount to nearly every individual to be connected online on one social media platform or another.

Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook to mention a few have become household names, currently being used all over the world. In such platforms, it is necessary to have a huge follower base and even more important to keep your followers. Here are some life hacks and tips to keep your social media followers and avoid losing them.

Be consistent and engaged

Social media requires constant engagement in sharing content and publishing it. You might be losing followers since you don’t post as much as you used to.

Add a social feel to your social account

If you are losing social media followers, it’s probably because you’re not responding to direct messages or replying to comments on content you’ve shared. Being social involves responding to this shared content and will help you retain followers.

Create original content

Don’t retweet endlessly. People tend to unfollow individuals who keep retweeting content. If your content strategy is retweeting, you should change this and start creating your original content.

Be a loyal follower

Are you the person who follows someone when they follow you and unfollow them when they also unfollow you? It is about time you started sticking faithfully to your followers. Don’t be quick to unfollow, instead associate positively with your followers and the people you follow. It will do wonders for you in the online platforms.

Have an excellent standard profile photo

Don’t keep changing your profile photo it may be the reason you keep losing followers. People like a familiar face, not an ever-changing profile picture that's continually evolving. Instead, it is more advisable to post various contents in picture format describing yourself.

Don’t be too private

In social media, privacy is achieved by what you don't post. This means that the purpose of being on social media is to show yourself to the world, to share your ideas, thoughts, pictures and more. Thus, don't have a private Instagram account or don't be the kind of people who post things privately. Be open and public, that intense privacy level may be what is causing you to lose followers.

You’re a feed clogger

If you are the kind of people who post too much feed, then chances are you’re going to get blocked or unfollowed. It is important to be regularly engaged on social media, but there is something known as too much feed. One or two posts per day are considered average. However, more than three posts per day are feed clogging. People want a person who is not an attention hog. They want an individual who posts constant yet minimal content.

Your content is business oriented

Unless you’re running a business social media account then your content should be personal, People follow you because they want to see the real you. They probably only want to know about your trip overseas but not about a product you’ve been asked to sell. People who start selling items on their social media accounts tend to lose followers very fast since people don’t like sales pitches and ads.

You’re a mass tagger

On almost every social media platform, is the tag button. It allows a user to tag a fellow user on a picture or any content they feel liable to tag. However mass tagging is when you label numerous people and without the permission. This makes you look like a social media troll, and people hate trolls. My advice is keeping the tagging to a minimum you'll save more followers that way.

You use too many hashtags and have repetitive posts

If you like hashtagging too much, you're probably losing followers as you read this. Hashtagging is slowly getting phased out, and its use should be kept minimal. Also, the same way we hate repeating almost everything is the same way people feel about repetitive posts. Keep your posts original. You can stop the followers leak that way.

To sum it up, losing one follower or two is part of the game. It might just be someone who followed you accidentally and is now rectifying their mistake. However, if you follow the above tips, your followers will be clamoring for your next post. Unfollows will be history in your notification panel, and your account will gain followers.

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