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Old and Cold – Some Advice to Parents and Grandparents

I believe some of you out there that are parents and grandparents will appreciate this story and also a way out of things at the right time.

So I’m old and cold at 61 years of age.

But then again, so is Patti my wife at the young age of 52. At least that’s what our two granddaughters say when we are all together.

Let me give you a little history though on the kids and this wonderful show of affection from these two little ones.

The Players

Novalee is our first granddaughter. She will be turning seven this December.

Of course, being the first she was spoiled rotten, especially by me. We had a very special bond for years till about two years ago.

We still have a bond, but not as tight. When she was still in her mothers womb, our daughter, I would sing to her when she would start kicking.

Her favorite song from those days and for a few years was Amoré by Dean Martin.

It happens to be my favorite also from growing up in Sicily. I would sing it to her while kicking and then when she was born that was the song that would stop her from crying.

Novalee on the left of Payton holding Lucy the Bulldog

Peyton is our other granddaughter. She is four right now and turning five next year in February.

My bond with her now is like the one I had with Novalee for her first four years of life. That bond was built due to her and her Mom, our middle daughter living with us for 3 years.

Both of these little ones had a great amount of time with Papa and Grandma for their first four years of life.

Novalee due to the fact that at the time we lived a few houses away from her. Then we moved.

Poof, the magic was gone.

We moved and then, as I said, Peyton moved in with us. The other two grandchildren Nolan, Novalee brother who is four, has never actually spent a great deal of time with us the way his sister and cousin has.

Our newest granddaughter is Addison and she is only nine months old. She definitely hasn’t been here long enough for a bonding, but we are working on it. Addison is Peyton’s sister.

So now you know all the players of this little story.

The Start Of It All

About a year ago, Patti was working more hours as well as later ones, and getting older and joining me at that age of reminiscing.

We started telling Peyton and Novi that Papa and Grandma were old and cold, and they would just laugh.

It was said constantly, but as the two of us grew older we actually did feel colder in our bones and insides.

It was actually funny for us to say this since we are both pretty active. More so Patti than me.

I say that because I am retired and spend my days writing and editing blog posts. Patti, on the other hand, owns her own commercial cleaning company and is quite busy.

Well of course, as kids go, the two granddaughters started picking up on this old and cold statement and started repeating it over and over.

Especially for me who is considered so old to them. Plus, I had a little extra added to the old and cold view with the word bald, from shaving my head.

So Papa was old, cold and bald and Grandma was just old and cold.

We thought it was the cutest thing and we – including the parents – laughed whenever it was said.

It was especially true when Patti would come in from work tired and cold and Peyton would say, “Is that because you are old and cold, Grandma?” Patti would answer, “Yes, I am old and cold honey.”

Now and the Future

Over the last year, this has been an ongoing joke between us and the kids and they even say it when we are out and talking with people.

Not in a bad way, but when Patti or I are telling someone about how things are the little ones (whichever one is with us) will pipe up with “they are old and cold” and then start laughing.

You can see the look on some peoples faces as they don’t know how to react till we both start laughing and they join us when we tell them the story.

Where this all leads for parents and grandparents is this is a great way to get out of playing when you’re tired, or going shopping, and the kids start wanting toys and you just need to get away.

Just stand there, look into their eyes and say with every conviction you have, “Sorry honey, Mommy or Daddy or GrandPa or Grandma (or whatever they call you), I’m old and cold and need to go home.”

Well, I’m old and cold right now and need to go.

Stay young and warm inside and out forever.

By Mark-John Clifford

Husband, Dad, Papa. Californian from Boston. Love the ocean and everything that goes along with it. Sicilian and Irish, inside and out. Enjoy listening and partaking in great conversations.

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