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Social Media Has Made Us Soft (Or Why We Need to Grow Some Balls)

While social media is a fantastic medium for working smarter for businesses, it’s also softened us a little as people.

There’s almost a kumbaya feeling of not being able to speak your mind, because when you question a “name” out in social media, or disagree with them, you’re labeled a hater.

Never mind the fact you have a valid opinion – you must be a hater because your opinion isn’t the same as The Chosen One(s).

This leads to blog posts being praised to the rooftops, despite being rehashed content from two months previously (sometimes even less – I’m looking at you, certain A-lister).

Comments rain in – “Great post!”, “So true and only you could say that!” and so on.

Now, I’m the first to really praise a blog and share it on my networks when there’s great content, as well as comment and show my appreciation.

Yet more and more I’m feeling less inclined to comment, because I land on a post with the same safe viewpoint, or a circle of self-adoring comments.

And this is a shame, because blogs (and their community of commenters) can really offer fresh takes on tired subjects.

Instead, we see the warm fuzziness of adoration – and there’s no real need for that.

Grow Balls – Grow You

We’re all individuals. We all have opinions – sometimes right, sometimes wrong. We all have unique personalities and thought processes.

This is what makes us such an interesting animal. So why are we softening this up?

People aren't commenting on blogs because it's the same safe viewpoints on display #purebloggingClick To Tweet

If something isn’t right and you feel it isn’t, say so.

If you land on a post of the biggest blogger on the planet and it’s dire, tell him or her.

Show why it’s wrong, and challenge them to live up to their reputation.

And if you’re the blogger yourself, don’t go with the flow just because it’s easier than swimming against it. Instead, have the proverbial balls to speak out.

Simply put, show your readers respect and why they put their faith in you in the first place.

After all, it’s the very least they deserve, no?

By Danny Brown

Husband. Father. Optimist. Pragmatist. Purveyor of not settling for the status quo. Aspiring to be many things. Never says no to a good single malt.

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  1. Nancy Davis October 30, 2015 at 7:16 am

    In the good old days, we used to be able to have vibrant conversations. Then the gurus came and blew everything up. Systems like Triberr gamed the system for those on the “inside” I have never been an insider, the price is too high.

    The price is no longer being you. I did not toe the line with the mass unfollowing that occurred on Twitter years ago. Calling bullshit on that really got me kicked to the curb. I like dissent. It shows that we are not robots. Trouble is, if someone disagrees with us, we can get all upset and claim the outsider is stupid.

    I have dissenting opinions on some major topics, but I keep them to myself so that the lynch mob doesn’t come after me.

    I miss the old days of being able to not see eye to eye and it was no big deal.

    • Danny Brown October 30, 2015 at 12:17 pm

      Hey there Nancy,

      That whole Twitter mass unfollow thing was interesting. It was almost like it had three “sides” to it – those that unfollowed then used a made-up reason for doing so; those that fell in with that line of thinking like sheep; and those that questioned its validity and pushed back on the reasons.

      Of course, it was the final group that got called haters, and jealous, and wannabes, etc., when – in fact – it was probably the very opposite, and those folks had little to zero interest of being part of that little “pack”.

      Hey ho – fun times. It’s interesting to note that the majority of bloggers that have switched comments off are the same ones that did the mass unfollow on Twitter. Wonder what that tells us..? 😉

  2. Tim Bonner October 30, 2015 at 11:40 am

    I’ve stopped commenting on a lot of blogs. I got fed up of having to trawl passed adoring comments or what I’d consider spam.

    I saw a post on my Facebook feed the other day giving people a template showing how to comment on a blog. No! That’s just wrong. That’s when you become a robot.

    I got my hands burned on social media at the time of the Scottish Independence referendum. I was a no voter and that didn’t go down well. Since then I’ve kept my head down.

    Maybe it’s time to come out of hiding!

    • Danny Brown October 30, 2015 at 11:59 am

      Yeah, the whole “how to comment on blogs” kind of post is getting tiring.
      It’s pretty simple – you read something, you like, it, you leave a comment on exactly what you thought about the post and its topic. How hard can that be, seriously??

      Politics is a nasty beast. I’m seeing some continuous updates from some of my friends about Canadian politics, even though the election is done and the results are in. Get over it – the people have spoken, and they didn’t choose your platform.

      It’s like the Scottish independence thing – now the SNP are demanding another vote, despite the fact they said they accept the results and there will be no more challenges.

      Get. Over. It.

      And, yes, you need to speak up. 😉

  3. Mark Longbottom October 30, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    Interesting reading this yesterday then today I saw someone RT a Tweet by a well known USA blogger with a quote about the internet being a place to find a solution to a problem or be entertained – I mentioned in they had missed the #social part of the internet.

    Said big blogger managed top favourite but not RT and even followed me, think we all know the drill I’ll be unfollowed soon no doubt.

    What I don’t get is why not reply to the thought i put forward – the other person did? Maybe I’m expecting too much from it all a few seconds is a lifetime top those who celebrate their celebrity 😉

    • Danny Brown October 30, 2015 at 12:52 pm

      The thing you tend to find with those that like to make fuzzy soundbites is that they have nothing in reserve when challenged on said soundbite.

      They’re very good at celebrating acceptance of their wisdom, but not so good at backing it up if questions arise.

      They should work in a bank’s customer service team, since they like scripted actions so much. 😉

      • Mark Longbottom October 30, 2015 at 1:07 pm

        Well put, what made me laugh and smile was the fact me and the other person [more me] questioned the dated quote.

        Life muddles along and to be honest making me want to edge and place myself away from social media and more in the line of the creatives who get what it’s all about and don’t need ‘logic and common sense explained’ like so many in business.

        Only two days ago I also talked on twitter against someone blogging about how people on instagram hate the new promoted posts – well 51% said they did lol.

        I suggested as ever with these things those asked no doubt didn’t follow enough people who were active and so the ads seem more in your face when the rest of the 400 million just trip and sidestep them just like they do on Facebook and life in general.

        Off I go into the sunset lol

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