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Movies are one creation of art that people only enjoy the end product. They do not care to know what process it has taken to come up with what is seen on the screens finally. They marvel at the characters on the screen and forget those whose accolades come in the end, in writing, but they did the most. They watch for entertainment, or to distract them from the thoughts of living in this crazy world. Who cares to review a movie unless they are merely re-watching it? Well, there exist movie reviewers and thumbs up to those chaps that watch not for fun but for evaluating purposes. […]

Tips That Will Help You to Stay Motivated With Your Blog

Sometimes, a blogger may lose blogging motivation. This is very normal. It takes a lot to run a successful blog. There are times that you will feel like you are not getting the results you desire and deserve. You might get panicky that you are losing your mojo. Good news is that you haven't. At that moment that you need to search for motivation. Keep yourself fixated on your short term or long term blogging goals. Dust yourself and surge ahead. I will share tips on how to stay motivated with your blog […]

Recognize what we have

Asian Americans on Social Media

Also referred to as a cyber star, an internet celebrity is someone who has gained fame through media platform, by primarily engaging web navigations. By addressing diverse internet communities, online networking allows people to reach a wide audience from across the world. On the other side, social media entails technological innovations which are computer-mediated, by sharing career interests, information, and ideas as well as other pertinent data with virtual communities. Desk-tops, smartphones, laptops, tablets and such electronic devices are essential in social media platforms. Individuals and groups of people share, discuss, and co-create information made before posting on the internet […]

Recognize what we have

We Are All We Have

We’re born with our eyes closed, and we leave with them closed. In-between, for however long we’re on this planet, our eyes are open. And yet, sometimes, it feels like they’ve stayed closed since our first breath in the open air. We see colour, but we see it as something that […]


Why Your Best Superhero Is You

“Life hits you hard. But it takes you three seconds to decide if you are a superhero or not. I am.” Hrithik Roshan I am firmly of the belief that we live our best life when we are who we are. Think about it for a moment – are you […]

1953 Buick Woody Wagon

A 1953 Woody and the Scent of Old Spice

Talk about bringing back memories… A few weeks ago we were down in Cayucos. California. Cayucos is on famous Route 1 in California. It’s about 20 minutes from Pismo Beach which is the most popular spot around the Central Coast. For me, it’s Cayucos. My wife Patti took me there about […]